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Winter Tyres Kidderminster.


Are you looking for Winter Tyres Kidderminster for your car, SUV, 4 x 4, Motorhome or commercial vehicle?

If you want high-quality part-worn Winter tyres in Kidderminster at a very competitive price, then there is only one choice AA Slick Tyres Kidderminster

We offer a wide range of options for all motorists when it comes to Winter tyres. So,  is it the right time for you to switch to high-quality Winter tyres?

Winter tyres for Kidderminster Motorists who drive a lot in Winter are specifically designed for optimum performance when the temperatures drop below 7 °C. They are typically used across European countries with some countries such as Germany and most Scandinavian countries making it mandatory for winter tyres to be fitted during their winter months.

Winter tyres improve the safety of your car on the road even during the winter months in the UK. In contrast to summer tyres, winter tyres work better in cold temperatures as they are made from a specific form of rubber which creates better handling and braking in colder weather.


If you’re driving at 60mph with winter tyres on your car you will come to a standstill stop in less than 70 meters. That could make the difference between a collision or not.

Winter tyres are marked with a ‘snowflake or mountain’ symbol to clearly identify them as a winter tyres. Winter tyres Improve tyre performance in the winter – wide tread pattern blocks and extra sips help to grip to make it safer (some winter tyres are even studded for extra safety).

Winter tyres have always offered a better grip in colder climates, the rubber grips the road in the coldest of conditions

Winter tyres offer superior control and handling in cold, icy and wet conditions.

Winter tyre treads are made for traction on icy roads and better stopping distances on wet and icy surfaces. For Winter Tyres Kidderminster come and speak with the expert team at AA Slick Tyres and let us share all the benefits of winter tyres even if you are only driving regularly during the winter in the UK

A Range of our Winter Tyres Kidderminster.

Pirelli Tyres.

pirelli-winter-tyres Kidderminster

Pirelli winter.

Perfect Pirelli tyres for the winter season. Introducing the new P ZERO™ WINTER allows high performance to enter the winter season, ensuring to enjoy the same driving experience both in summer with P ZERO™ and in winter with P ZERO™ WINTER .

Goodyear Tyres.

good-year-tyres- kidderminster

Goodyear winter .

Excellent grip and high handling performance in all winter conditions

  • Excellent braking distance on snow
  • Reduced risk of aquaplaning
  • Optimized tread wear

Continental Tyres.


Continental winter.

  • Rely on excellent snow performance for outstanding driving pleasure.
  • Experience strong braking performance on snow.

Bridgestone Tyres.


Bridgestone winter.

Unleash the full power of your SUV or 4×4 and experience the thrill of winter driving as it was meant to be. Blizzak DM-V2 is entirely in its element, even in the harshest Nordic conditions.

If you are taking your car to the cooler parts of Europe such as Germany, Denmark, Sweden or any of the Nordic and Scandinavian countries then Winter Tyres are the perfect choice for drivers in Kidderminster. Although Winter Tyres are not mandatory in the UK they are a good alternative to achieve maximum safety and good performance in all cooler months, particularly with the more frequent extreme weather events we are experiencing in the UK

Here you can opt for premium winter tyre models from the best-selling manufacturing brands, such as:

Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear

We also offer a wide range of premium Summer Tyres and All Seasons Tyres

Independent Winter Tyre Experts.

AA Slick Tyres Kidderminster for Top Quality Part Worn Tyres, Brand New Tyres, Puncture Repairs and Our New Conveinvent Mobile Tyre Fitting Service. We Come to YOU at Your Home or Workplace.