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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment Kidderminster for your car, van, 4 x 4 or commercial vehicle or even ex-army vehicle? Then there is only one choice AA Slick Tyres Kidderminster

If you feel your car is being dragged to one side of the road whilst steering, you might find you need Wheel Alignment. AA Slick Tyres Kidderminster is well equipped to help you with all the latest technology at our fingertips.

The wheels of your car should be aligned perpendicular to the road and the vehicle, but with time they tend to tilt at an angle.  If you are experiencing this then you need a wheel alignment. The wheels are fixed on the machine, and the data is calculated to find out the angle of the tilt, which is then corrected by one of our experienced technicians


Bad wheel alignment can lead to the depreciation of your tyres as the tread is adversely affected. As your tyres wear unevenly this causes further damage to all your tyres which can result in your vehicle being unsafe on the road.

When your wheels are out of alignment you will also find fuel consumption is higher leading to more frequent, expensive visits to the petrol station. At the first sign of shuddering felt in your steering wheel it’s worth getting your Wheel Alignment checked by AA Slick Tyres in Kidderminster.


When you come to us here, at AA Slick Tyres, for the wheel alignments Kidderminster of your vehicle you choose from these two options:
Front end wheel alignment
This type of arrangement is better for vehicles that are driven with the front axle, and the rear wheels are constrained. You don’t have to pay extra for all the wheels and get your wheels aligned for the least possible outlay.
Four wheels alignment
When the vehicle has free axles and suspensions for all of the wheels, you should go for the four-wheel alignment. Our experts will help you with your front  and rear axles’ all wheels and their alignment and they are able to align your wheels in a matter of a few minutes using our 3D Technology.

Independent Wheel Alignment Experts.

AA Slick Tyres for Wheel Alignment, Top Quality Part Worn Tyres, Brand New Tyres, Puncture Repairs and Our New Conveinvent Mobile Tyre Fitting Service. We Come to YOU at Your Home or Workplace.