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Pirelli tyres Kidderminster.


Pirelli TYRES Stourport and Bewdley.

If you are wanting the best prices on Pirelli tyres in Kidderminster pop in and meet the team at AA Slick Tyres. So why choose Pirelli tyres for your car?

Pirelli is the fifth largest operator in the world in the tyre sector and is the leader in “Premium” tyres, the high range segments with high technological content.

Since 1922, Pirelli Tyres has been a quintessential name at every level of the industry, from the everyday road market right through to the very highest level of performance auto racing. Consistently associated with elite motorsport since 1907, Pirelli is currently the exclusive tyre supplier to both the FIA Formula One and MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championships, while the iconic branding is all too familiar in the wider sporting world, particularly in football as the long-time sponsor of Italian giants Inter Milan.
However, Pirelli is not all about the track. What sets Pirelli apart from competitors is its ability to bring track technologies to on-road driving, creating some of the best products for the ultra-high-performance tyre segment.

Pirelli Tyres.

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Pirelli all seasons.

The new European All Season product designed for drivers living in urban areas searching for an innovative solution. CINTURATO™ ALL SEASON brings all the latest Pirelli premium technologies including Seal-Inside™.

Pirelli Tyres.

pirelli-all-seasons-tyres kidderminster

Pirelli summer.

P ZERO™ is the unique Ultra High Performance product combining Pirelli’s knowledge gained from competitive Motorsport with Pirelli’s alliance with the top car manufacturers, granting the perfect fit for the performance of each car.

Pirelli Tyres.

pirelli-winter-tyres Kidderminster

Pirelli winter.

Perfect Pirelli tyres for the winter season. Introducing the new P ZERO™ WINTER allows high performance to enter the winter season, ensuring to enjoy the same driving experience both in summer with P ZERO™ and in winter with P ZERO™ WINTER .

Pirelli tyres from AA slick tyres.

Pirelli Tyres Innovations

Indeed, it’s no surprise that Pirelli tyres are the original equipment choice of high-end, performance-intensive marquees such as Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover and Lamborghini, to name just a few.

With nearly 100 years of high-performance tyre production and an endless list of sporting and brand-associated credentials attached to the name, our range of premium and cheap Pirelli tyres is designed to bring you absolute confidence and deliver the highest possible on-road performance every time you get behind the wheel. Choose AA Slick Tyres for Pirelli tyres in Kidderminster Stourport or Bewdley