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Part Worn Tyres Stourport.

Expert Part Worn Tyre Specialists AA Slick Tyres

Are you looking for Part Worn Tyres Stourport for your car, Van or commercial vehicle? We also have a stock of Part worn Run-Flat tyres as well as Part worn tyres for 4 x 4’s, SUVs, Motorhomes, Caravans and domestic Trailers.

For a huge selection of high-quality part-worn tyres in Stourport at very competitive prices, it’s just a call or a short drive to AA Slick Tyres of Worcester Rd in Kidderminster

In short, we are the best tyre garage when it comes to fitting quality part-worn tyres in the Wyre Forest and beyond

Part-worn tyres are second-hand and must meet the legal standards set by the DVSA to be eligible for sale.

We ensure that our part-worn tyres adhere to all safety parameters and that all our models will provide appropriate traction for your vehicle.

We have a very wide range of  Worn tyres to suit every budget.

We also usually have in stock a selection of part-worn tyres for different seasons and road surfaces Summer Tyres, Winter Tyres and All-Season Tyres


When working with our part-worn tyres for our customers from Stourport we take every care to ensure the tyres we recommend are safe and fully pressure tested. All part-worn tyres are pressure checked when they are fully inflated.  They are also meticulously checked for cracks, bubbles and any substantial uneven wear.

When everything looks good, the tyre is then carefully removed and checked at three points using a digital tyre gauge to determine the depth of the tread.

The lowest reading of the 3 readings taken is the reading we use and if this reading falls below our standard 4.5mm tread then we recycle it instead.


Stourport customers looking for part-worn tyres need to call or pop over to meet the team at AA Slick tyres. Our aim is to ensure you enjoy maximum on-road safety, our in-house tyre experts will assess your needs in next to no time and be able to suggest the right part-worn tyres accordingly.

Our tyre technicians tyre replacement industry for over 30 years and will use their experience to assist you with the highest level of trusted and reliable service every time. For friendly advice and quotes for your car just call us with the make, model and year of your car.

Our comprehensive stock of part-worn tyres is second to none in the area and we carry out many checks to ensure they are all safe for driving. Our tyre experts strictly adhere to all the appropriate guidelines at all times to ensure each one of our part-worn tyres is tested so that you receive a quality replacement tyre.

Part Worn Tyres Stourport.

AA Slick Tyres of Kidderminster are THE PART WORN TYRE SPECIALISTS. We are open  9 am – 6 pm Monday – Fridays. Saturdays 9am – 5 pm Sundays 10 am – 4 pm. We suggest if you live in Stourport and are searching for Part Worn Tyres that you call or come over and meet our tyre experts soon.

Part-worn tyres are an excellent cost-effective solution for cost-conscious Stourport car owners.  Our Part Worn Tyres cost significantly less than brand new tyres needless to say our prices will always be very competitive and we promise the service will be second to none.

Here is our comprehensive guide on the eligibility criteria that part-worn tyres must meet: We check all our tyres meet all these criteria.

The original grooves of the tyres should be visible on the tread surface.

There should be a minimum tread depth of 2 mm on units that cannot be re-treaded – Ours have a minimum of 4.5mm

No visible cuts or tears on the tyre surface; the sidewall should not bulge outwards

These units should qualify in an inflation test before sale – Ours are all guaranteed to have been pressure tested to 4 BAR

Note: If a part worn tyre is punctured, it should be repaired according to British Standard BS AU 159 guidelines before the sale

Each tyre we fit goes through a series of thorough safety checks. None of the tyres being sold at AA Slick Tyres has a tyre tread depth less than that of 4.5mm. Your on-road safety is of paramount importance to us.

Independent Part Worn Tyre Experts.

The Best priced Part Worn Tyres Stourport Motorists

AA Slick Tyres for Top Quality Part Worn Tyres in Stourport from a Tyre Replacement Shop YOU can Trust