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Time for a Wheel alignment check!

Uneven wear on tyres? Squealing tyres? Steering wheel not straight when driving? Car pulling to the left or right?
Wheel Alignment is a service which involves the adjusting of the angles of your vehicle’s wheels. These angles can be greatly affected by something as simple as hitting a kerb or even driving on roads with potholes. This can cause significant impact on your wheels resulting in the angles being altered.
Some signs your car is due an alignment check is uneven tyre wear, the surface/tread of the tyre should wear evenly. Another sign is when driving your steering wheel pulling to the left or right. Delaying your wheel alignment isn’t ideal for certain aspects of your vehicle; the obvious being the tyres and more specifically the life of the tyres and fuel consumption. Many people make the mistake of putting new tyres on their car without having an alignment check. To their surprise they find later their new tyres need changing soon because of one side being worn. Avoid changing your tyres regularly because of a simple mistake. Extend the life of yours tyres!

Toes are one of the common angles adjusted in wheel alignment. There’s positive toe and negative toe also referred as toe in and toe out. To make it simpler imagine looking down at your tyres as if you were above the car. Toe in is when tyres are angling inward from the front. Toe out is when the tyres are angling inward from the rear.

Camber is the angle concerned with the tilt of the front tyres, this is viewed from the front of the vehicle. Camber also consists of a positive and negative. Positive is an outward tilt while negative is an inward tilt. 

Now imagine looking at the car from the side this is where the caster angle more specifically the angle of the steering axis is viewed from. The adjustment can be angled forward or backward which in return helps the balance of steering, stability and the effectiveness in cornering. 

Come down to AA Slick Tyres in Kidderminster
for a FREE wheel alignment check.

We have one of the latest machines on the market, a 4 wheel 3D HD Geometry system which works off cameras to show you your vehicles exact measurements of the toes, camber and caster. Our machine will even show and give measurement of the chassis! For your satisfaction once the wheel alignment is complete you will be given print outs of before and after of the improvements made. This premium technology has built in features allowing for complete accuracy and confidence in our adjustments for your vehicle for you to drive safely and comfortably.

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