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Vehicle servicing is vital for the longevity of the vehicle also keeping in mind most importantly your own safety. Having a service can identify any issues or problems early on which in return can save you money and valuable time before these issues lead to something major.
With everything running smoothly such as the engine, brakes, tyres, lights, exhaust, steering, fluids and much more will result in a well looked after car that is fuel efficient and that’s not hitting you in the wallet too often.

Your car should be serviced every 12,000 miles or once a year. However, this is not a guideline for all cars, every car is different. How often your car should be serviced also depends on several factors such as make, model and age of your vehicle. It’s worth checking the owner’s manual for guidance from the manufacturer to see the recommended schedule for servicing that particular car.


At AA Slick Tyres we offer the following; batteries, exhaust repair, brakes, pads, disks, servicing (3 options) diagnostics and vehicle inspection. Come down to AA Slick Tyres or contact us to talk to our technicians about what your car may need in order to keep it in optimum health.

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